ASQ Conference

Mr Sunil Thawani , member of ASQ board of directors gave a lecture on December 2nd to LSQSH members on :

Strategic Customer Service – Best Practices from World Leading Companies.

Mr Thawani assisted many organizations to enhance their business performance, achieve & sustain outstanding results and win prestigious awards such as DQA, SKEA, United Nations Public Services Award.

Abstract: Almost every CEO says, “Our Customers are our top priority". Yet many companies fail to deliver consistent levels of superior service. They continue to lose customers, revenue, brand image and customer loyalty. Why? Because most of the companies lack strategic view of the customer, service and are tactical in approach.

Interactive and insightful presentation with real life case studies from world’s leading firms will focus on:
• Thought provoking questions such as
     o Do you quantify the business impact of a poor customer service and ineffective complaints management?
     o Are you providing an excellent service that differentiates you in the minds of the customers?
• Benefits of positioning Customer Service at strategic level in the organization;
• Benchmarks and Best Practices from world leading successful companies such as:
     o Everything Speaks to the Customer. Appeal to all five senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste)
     o “56 % of complainants felt that they got NOTHING as a result of complaining”

Highly engaging presentation is based on years of experience, reading & researching great articles, books, benchmarks, best practices in Customer Service.