Conditions and Requirements

Membership in LSQSH is open to anyone who works directly or indirectly to support and improve the safety of patients.

Professionals Eligible for Membership

• Patient safety officers/directors/ coordinators
• Health care executives/administrators
• Quality improvement directors -Quality auditors
• Risk management personnel
• Primary care providers -Physicians
• Nurses -Patient advocates
• Clinical/Academic educators
• Researchers
• Pharmaceutical and medical device industry professionals  


• Lebanese Nationality
• 20 years of age or older
• Supports the LSQSH mission and its bylaws
• Heath Professional since more than 5 years
• Holder of diploma in Health / management, quality, auditing, financing or drug industry.
• Wide experience in health and /or patient safety and/or quality management.
• Paid his yearly membership
• Willing to work as volunteer